Low Level Laser

Low level laser therapy may be used any place there is acute or chronic pain or inflammation, and, low level laser therapy may be effective on any disease or disorder.

Basic Information on Q 1000 Low Level Laser Therapy

• One laser of single wavelength will not treat all diseases and disorders.

The Q-laser System is the only low level laser therapy SYSTEM available, with all the tools needed for every health problem you’ll ever encounter. The SYSTEM combines multiple lasers offering both harmonizing/relaxing and stimulating levels of energy, multiple wavelengths, and multiple frequencies.

• The Patented Q1000 uses 12 true laser diodes and 8 LED’s to computerize frequency and power density output, effectively “Piggy-Backing” the beneficial effects of the visible light onto the penetrating effects of the infrared light.

• The Q1000 has 7 unique wavelengths of laser energy combined into 3 computerized per-programmed modes, which produce 63 frequencies. These 63 unique frequencies harmonize at the cellular level with 95 % of the frequencies within the human or animal body.

• Four additional programmable modes enable you to customize special frequencies for problem conditions for yourself or within your practice.

• The Q1000 is the only laser that creates a penetrating Soliton Wave.

Soliton Wave Technology eliminates depth of penetration issues and ensures that the laser energy will get to the needed point in the body.

• The system has two lasers for stimulating hard tissue and bone.

The 660 and 808 Enhancing Lasers are useful for non-invasive “needle-less” acupuncture and trigger point release, controlling bone infection, stimulating bone growth, cartilage problems, tendon problems, ligament problems, nerve damage, and MORE!

• The Q1000 system is computer controlled, uses safe levels of power, and is portable.

The small, “go anywhere” Q1000 laser provides the most unique multi-wavelength, safe, easy to use laser in the world. This enables you the flexibility to perform the therapy procedure yourself, to delegate the treatments to your staff, or allow the client/patient to rent the laser for “at home” use.

• Over 2500 Clinical Research studies have shown that Low Level Laser Therapy:

* Reduces Pain

* Reduces Inflammation

* Enhances Lymphatic Drainage

* Releases Tight Muscles

* Speeds Bone Repair

* Increases Cellular ATP

* Is Antiviral & Antifungal

* Repolarizes Damaged Cell Walls

* Helps Repair Damaged DNA

* Stimulates Healing Enzymes