Greetings, Laurence!

Thank you for the wonderful and helpful (and very deeply felt) healing energy session!

I felt very grounded and much lighter (i.e. as if a burden had been lifted).

I am more aware while teaching and at other times of the letting in of the Divine Light through the top of the head and bringing it down.

Thank you again. You are very good at what you do......

Those working with you are very fortunate to have such a gifted healer to work with them!

DS-Master Tai chi Teacher

Both my son and I have been having healing sessions with Laurence Brock. I am a physician and also have been going through many personal traumatic life changes including, but not limited to, raising a son with special needs, the death of my mother, and a divorce. I tried many modalities to heal myself ranging from therapy, reading, support groups to acupuncture, hypnosis and holistic medicine. Although all have been extremely helpful, I was unable to experience the process of healing and get through the pain and suffering until my sessions with Laurence Brock. The sessions with Laurence Brock miraculously brought the healing I had been seeking but could not previously find. My now teenage son has significant developmental challenges including regulatory and communication issues and has benefitted through therapeutic interventions since birth. Like magic, his healing sessions with Laurence Brock have brought the integration that was so sorely missing all these years. I have seen progress in his regulation, communication and maturity that I did not know was even possible as a result. My son and I are very grateful to be able to benefit from the gift that Laurence Brock has which I consider magical.


I had an over the phone healing session with Laurence Brock. I had been suffering with arthritis in my fingers, neck and knees for many years, and was giving up on finding lasting relief from the pain. After my session with Laurence, the pain was virtually non-existent and it has remained so!


I want to thank you for your wisdom and kindness in helping me with the (phone) session. I am doing much better. A lot of things cleared and I received valuable insights into the situations we discussed.

I appreciate your help and support and thank you again. You are very talented


Larry, Thanks for the work you did on me last Thursday! My energy is better. I survived having my grandson Thursday for 7 hours, Friday afternoon and overnight until 3:30 today! And I actually have enough energy to finish my casserole and make it to a party tonight! I haven't felt this good in years

IG physical therapist

I started working with him (Laurence) after I saw the effect just one session had on my son. …… I said to myself, “This guy is good!!. He is the real deal.” …….

I kept noticing that my son was consistently coming out of visits with Larry happy, lighter in his gait and freer……. My experience from the get-go was of comfort, relaxation, laughter and a sense that all would be well.

My life has shifted amazingly, so amazingly, …….. It benefits me in so many ways.

NF single mom and teacher

I have witnessed my life transform gracefully. I have lost 25 pounds, and now maintain with ease, a weigh that is 10 pounds less than what I thought was attainable for me. ....... My income has increased 25%. I enjoy more joy, peace, energy, creativity, and clarity. I trust that my life is on course.

I am grateful for the blessing of Laurence Brock's healing gifts in my life. His work is extraordinary.

JE massage therapist

Good Morning Dr. Brock,

I wanted to thank you for our clearing session. The experience was intense, very freeing and lightening. My sleep in the past few nights has been deep and rejuvenating and things seem clearer and more vivid. I was able to cry tears of grief which in the past has been difficult.

I would highly recommend this to anyone !


DO, Human Resources

Short term, when I am in process with Laurence I feel heard, and can speak plainly. He seems a relaxed person, easily relating to what I'm sharing, without hype or guile or dramatics. The long term outcome of my listening to Laurence, allowing what comes forward gently over time, and my getting out of my own way is this: I can live a light filled, light defined and light guided life, and can lift myself more and more as challenges come forward by reminding myself what is important. Rarely can one speak with another without somehow making things more complicated....but Laurence brings uncomplication greatly assisting me to simplify and align. What a blessing xxxx


During my Skype counselling session with you Laurence I felt heard, and understood. Afterwards and in the days which followed, I felt as if a weight had been lifted, and light poured through me. I felt realigned with my joy and sense again a purpose and a connection which I had not in a very long time. I remember dreaming of an image of a bird which had

become accustomed to living underneath a heavy stone.

Its been possible for me to keep participating in the changes as the ability for them to effect me more deeply and profoundly takes place.

Thank you so much.

MH mother

My experience with Laurence Brock has been meaningful and significant. When I finally reached out to Laurence I was

suffering emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I just wanted to feel better, but at the same time I felt so bad about

myself and was not sure I cared enough to get well. My Light was very dim indeed.

Laurence has spiritually assisted me in a way that is unique to my needs. While talking to Laurence I have felt clearing happen and he gives me tangible suggestions that I am easily able to use.

I have found Laurence to be a caring, encouraging, smart and great person to talk to. Every time I finish talking with him I

say to myself or someone close to me, "Laurence really helps me." I am happy to say that I feel good and I am good. The Light in me is brighter.

This is my truth and I hope it serves to be helpful.

RG teacher