Healing and Counselling

   "This is the best thing that I have ever done"   

 "I had an over the phone healing session with Laurence Brock. I had been suffering with arthritis in my fingers, neck and knees for many years, and was giving up on finding lasting relief from the pain. After my session with Laurence, the pain was virtually non-existent and it has remained so!"

 "I want to thank you for your wisdom and kindness in helping me with the (phone) session. I am doing much better. A lot of things cleared and I received valuable insights into the situations we discussed.

I appreciate your help and support and thank you again. You are very talented" 


You will know something remarkable has happened

Healing is activated in almost all cases. 

Health, happiness and spiritual balance are achieved.

Spiritual Therapy  

Spiritual clearing and healing -  I have a gift. I see visions from your life, unconscious,  past lives and energetic blocks in your  system. By consciously bringing in Spiritual Light, healing masters and angels the blocks are dissolved and healing takes place. My visions and insights

give guidance to be more of who you are and to create more of what you want.


 activates your unique rhythm of life and energy to release tension and enhance body alignment and joy

L Breathing Technique

a unique breathing technique creates greater focus, relieves stress and increases health and happiness.  L Breathing ebook


skillfully applied electronic devices ( SCENAR and Low Level Laser) that awaken and direct your natural ability to complete healing.


Emotional, Mental, Spiritual and Physical Blocks are cleared  

Alignment with Your Purpose is Achieved

True Health is Obtained